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Your wellness holiday in Rimini

Hotel near the Rimini terme (Rimini hot springs).
Many guests take advantage of their holidays at the sea to enjoy treatments and wellness programs in the Terme di Rimini (Rimini hot springs)
Many treatments are performed by the Health Service, providing a true cure-all, in that they strengthen immune defences. The treatment cycle is made up of 12 sessions, requiring a stay of 2 weeks in the hotel.
With medical authorization, you can phone the Terme and book the treatment.
Calling in advance allows you to book the time schedule that is most convenient for you.
Hotel Jorena is next to the Terme di Rimini (Rimini Spa), just 2 km away, and easily reached by car (5 minutes), by bus, or by bike provided by the hotel.
Everyone can take advantage of the beneficial effects of the Springs, regardless of whether you have just a weekend, or a whole week to spend.
Relaxing and toning wellness programs: